Would airport officials actually care if I flew abroad without my parents consent form?

My parents are divorced, but have joint custody of me. To travel I need both their consent forms. What will happen if i travel without getting my dad’s consent form? Would people actually care? I’m 16.

Karen L

The airline might not notice, but the immigration officials in the country you fly to certainly will, and what they are most likely to do about it is send you home on the next available flight. You'll stay in their custody in the airport until it leaves.


They are legally obliged to care. Child trafficking is HUGE business.


First no one would sell a 16 year old a ticket Second if security and gate people are doing their job you would never be allowed to board


Anyone under 17 will need to have written consent in order to fly internationally. Anyone older than 15 is allowed to fly domestically without parental consent. Yes, it is the airport official's job to "care" about this matter. If they were to turn a blind eye and you were to get kidnapped or murdered then they would be held liable for not doing their jobs correctly. If you don't have written consent then you will NOT be allowed to fly internationally. Only domestically.


Yes they do. You won't be allowed to board a flight without the required documentation


The "airport officials" won't care they have no authority over allowing you to travel. One of the biggest issues today is Child Trafficking, and many immigration officials have become very strict on making sure that the minor is visiting for legitimate purposes. Any issues you may have would be determined by the Country(ies) you are visiting and the Country you are from. The purpose of the visit would also play into this. That is they may give you a little more leeway if you were on a school trip or other organized educational trip compared to just visiting "friends". So it is very possible that if you only have permission from 1 parent, you could be denied entry. If the reason you can'[t get your other parent's permission is just logistics, such as they are unavailable, if you have paperwork showing why you can't get their permission would help. If they just don't want you to go not only could that be an issue, but if the divorce decree gives both parents equal legal custody they could actually keep you from going. If you did go and one parent allowed it that parent could actually be in legal trouble for violation of the agreement. Now, because of various immigration requirements the airlines have a responsibility to verify that your paperwork is in order. As a result if you don't have permission from both parents due to these issues they may not even allow you on the flight.

Rona Lachat

Many Officials do not really care one way or the other. Airline staff are not the Police. Airline Staff are not Immigration Passport control for any country. As you intend to travel international your destination Passport control officials DO CARE. They can easily see your age in your Passport. No country desires to have unescorted CHILDREN ( that is you) wandering around at will. Just the way it is. Wait two years and you can wander as you want. Children like you can travel if your Parents agree and appoint an Adult to be responsible for you in destination country. Just the way it is.


Do airport officials care about losing their job? There's your answer.

W.T. Door

All airlines allow passengers age 16 to fly unaccompanied an without a "permission" letter from their parents. Some countries require travelers under the age of 18 to have a permission letter even if the teen is going to visit relatives. You have to check the requirements for wherever you plan to go: https://www.skyteam.com/en/flights-and-destinations/visa-and-health/ Someone under the age of 18 will normally be questioned by the immigration officer on arrival regarding their plans. If the answer is insufficient the traveler can be denied entry.


You would not be allowed on a plane.