Would this cause a hassle?

Hi everyone I've got kind of a weird question but I thought I'd ask anyways. So I'm in a long distance with my bf and we see each other every few months cause I like to fly to his state. Long story short, I have this sex toy that I usually use on myself but he wants me to bring it with me the next time I see him. The problem is, it kinda looks like a bomb. I have included a photo of it to this question so you can kind of see what I mean. If I put this in my checked bag, would it look suspicious on the x-ray? I just don't wanna start a huge fuss at the airport for a sex toy being mistaken as a bomb. Thanks!


I have seen various sex toys and this does not look like one. Neither does it look particularly like a bomb. Why take any chances anyway. Just buy a new one when you get there and keep it at his place for future use