As Queen, will Meghan Markle be majestic or simply regal?


Sir Prince Kenny

Neither, she will never be Queen.


It is highly unlikely that she will be Queen Consort as Prince Harry is 6th in the line of succession so his chances of inheriting the throne are pretty slim. Once his grandmother Elizabeth II passes away, the throne goes first to his father Prince Charles, then his older brother Prince William, and after William it goes down the line of William's children oldest to youngest.


Neither, because Meghan will never be a Queen Consort.


You do realise that unless there's a disaster, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will NEVER be Queen - not even Queen Consort. Harry is way down the line to the throne now - he comes after his father Charles, his brother William and William's three children now. Meghan will be Meghan, wife of Harry and Duchess of Sussex because he is Duke of Sussex.

Janet S: Regality vs majesty depends on two factors

Regality vs majesty depends on two factors: body mass index, and the willingness to crack a smile. Victoria and Mary were majestic. The current Queen is merely regal, With Meghan, it looks as if we have a regal here.


It will not happen,


Her name changed upon her marriage, and she will never be queen.


Meghan Markle will never be queen. In fact, based on all of the media reports, it is doubtful that she will hold the title of royal for very long.

Clo G.-B.

Meghan will never be a queen consort since her husband will never be king. There are too many people ahead of Harry in the line of succession for him to be monarch--Charles, William, George, Charlotte, and Louis.


You’re having a laugh. SHE will NEVER be queen. She’s lucky they let her in at all.

Baron Clownish

She will be neither; she is American.


She is not throneworthy and therefore cannot be a queen. she will always be a princess. Note, QE2's husband is also not throneworthy; he is known as the Prince Consort, not king.


It's very unlikely that the Duchess of Sussex will ever be Queen, as her husband is sixth in line to the throne.


The closest the Duchess of Sussex will ever get to becoming a Queen Consort is if some freak event or events result in Prince George becoming king while still a minor. More than likely, Harry would be George's regent until he turned 18.

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