Do you think Meghan Markle will understand when her child disowns her as she has disowned her parent?



What are you on about? She's very close to her mother!


Her child will not disown her because her child won't treat her like his bank account. Her greedy sister and absent father only showed up when Megan married Prince Harry, and that was to extort money out of her. Don't blame her for having a lousy half-sister and father. They are greedy vultures.


She did not disown her parent. They had been estranged from her for years until she began to date Prince Harry. She lived in Canada and her father lives in Mexico. I guess the half-siblings live in California. No one said a word about her when she worked in t.v. or anything about her first marriage. She is protecting herself, with Harry's help, from these vultures. Harry told her father that if he had listened and hadn't gone to the media, none of this would have happened. It has gone so over the top now, it's doubtful that they will ever see her again. They've actually tried to bully their way into the wedding and the palace. They don't know much about how the Brits go about protecting their royals, obviously.

Sir Prince Kenny

Meghan's half sister made no effort to contact her before Meghan started her relationship with Prince Harry, she now sees Meghan as a goose that is capable of laying golden eggs. Meghan's father is also a money grubbing creep who contacted the papaRATsi before the wedding, in an effort to sell pictures of him getting measured for his wedding suit. then he backed out of walking his daughter down the aisle, saying that he had just undergone emergency heart surgery to save his life, when the Hospital was contacted they denied his story, saying that no emergency heart surgery was carried out on him, he is a lying opportunist. So far, her mother is the only one to have shown any dignity and chosen to stay out of the limelight.


If Meghan speaks trash to the media and shares all of her opinions about the worst traits of her child with the public then I think she would understand why her child might not wish to communicate. The parent child relationship relies on trust and love from both sides.

Oh Boy!

You have no idea what has actually happened, so I suggest you butt out.


No. Because Meghan Markle ceased to exist the day she married Prince Harry. Who knows what might happen in the future??


megyns family are trailer trash except for the mother


That's a good point, what goes around comes around .


Who? Sorry, i don't watch church tv...