When is Queen Elizabeth going to reclaim her right to rule France?



Her family abandoned the claim to the french throne in the 19th century

Clo G.-B.

Never. The British gave up any rights to the French throne centuries ago. And France ended the monarchy and is a republic, in any case, so there is no throne to claim!


King Richard invaded France out numbered by the French Army 100 to 1. Defeated the French. With the French never loosing a dart. Stayed awhile. Got to know the French & left. France after that time has been undefeatable. Let them come. Let them know the French. Soon they will pack up & leave.

DR + Mrs Bears face

Hi no way sunshine what a lot of frogs.


As a Constitutional Monarch she is not in the business of ruling anything.


And America,Canada,Australia,Germany,Most of Africa, India, Pakistan,Ireland most of the Caribbean.


Never, because she has no claim to France. As you very well know troll. poor troll cant even see that I am right so they have to give me a thumbs down.

Baron Clownish

The Queen has no plans to rule France and her Government is committed to a course of action that will ensure Britain has no influence whatsoever within Europe.


I think its the last thing on her mind, she should concentrate on her own country first. let the cheese eating surrender monkey's sort their own country out.


Madame Guillotine ended any sort of right to rule by monarchs many years ago. Her majesty does not want to have the French rioting against the monarchy again.


When she can rule England well than we can talk! She is nothing like her mother! Is it not her that yielded to the forces of Gay marriage !