When they are King & Queen, will Her Majesty Queen Camilla’s throne be beside His Majesty King Charles’ throne in the House of Lords?

Will Queen Camilla wear a red ermine-trimmed robe and a Queen’s crown at State openings of Parliament, alongside King Charles in his robe and monarch’s crown?


Yes, the consorts chair is the one that Prince Philip currently uses when he attends the Opening if Parliament, and that is to the left of the monarchs throne. They do not change the furniture in the House of Lords when there is a change of monarch.

Clo G.-B.

Yes. The Queen Consort sits in the Consort's throne/chair that is next to the monarch's. Camilla would wear her consort's crown and regalia for Opening of Parliament.


You mean, will she perform the usual functions of a royal consort? Yes, she will.

Leslie J

Yes, the thrones are already in situ


Dystopian nightmare.


I'd imagine so. So WHAT!! This is tradition and there's nothing wrong with tradition. But then again, who knows what Charles might change!!!


No, she may sit next to him, on a slightly lower throne, as the duke usually did when the queen opens parliament. She may wear all the robes etc, in pictures of george VI and elizabeth, elizabeth is wearing a crown and robes.

Wally's not a Wally.

Her throne will be in the stables with the other horses.

Sir Prince Kenny

Yes, her kennel will be next to the King's throne.

Baron Clownish

Quite possibly.