Why did Meghan oppose the royal family's annual peasant hunt? Is hunting peasants an anachronism in this day and age?


☮ Kitty Kat

It’s pheasants not peasants 😂


Because its not civilised and its extremely barbaric, Also its against the law to shoot your own beaters. Hunting is and always has been the last refuge of the loser, Just fancy the only way to get your kicks is to kill something. Hope Meghan had words with her hubby about shooting endangered species, the police certainly did.

Clo G.-B.

Meghan just is opposed to hunting--eventhough she is not vegan. Is hunting an anachronism this day and age? To many people around the world, it is not.

John P

Oh, it's you again.


Did she this tends to say otherwise.


She opposes hunting/killing animals for fun and sport.


Don't they taste good?


she wont last in the royal family. she's too different. i actually feel a bit sorry for her. in way over her head.

Pat Camero

She was confused.