No matter when the affair between Charles and Camilla actually began during his marriage to Diana, wouldn’t logic dictate that...?

...that the affair proves that Diana had reason from the start of her marriage to suspect that Charles didn’t love her, but was instead focused on Camilla? That’s the point — that Diana was correct from the start in her assessment of Charles’ attachment to Mrs. Andrew Parker Bowles, which doomed Diana and Charles’ marriage. Right? Or did Charles just coincidentally decide to have an affair with Mrs. Parker Bowles only after Diana presented the idea that she suspected an attachment was there?


Wow. Fixated or what.


You really are obsessed, aren't you, little troll? What, precisely, are you getting out of flogging a dead horse this way? I wonder. I suggest that you see a therapist and talk your obsession over with him or her. Therapists are paid to listen to you. We, alas, are not. By the way, no one claims that Charles decided to have an affair with Camilla only after Diana suggested an attachment was there. The whole world knows they were having an affair in the late 70s. Where have you been, sweetie?


Diana was the Chosen Virgin to Give the Monarchy an Heir and a spare then she was Dumped By the adulterer Charles

Clo G.-B.

You are obsessed with this subject. Repeatedly asking the same questions over and over will not give you the results that you want. Both Charles and Diana had reservations about their marriage. They had not seen each other much and really did not know one another. Diana hoped that the marriage would work out, as did Charles who had ended the affair before the couple married. What doomed the marriage was incompatibility and insecurity. Diana's constantly accusing Charles of having an affair when he wasn't didn't help matters. Charles and Diana just weren't suited to one another.


You're forgetting that Diana had at least three different lovers of her own during the years she and Charles were married and still living together as husband and wife. Justify THAT, if you can. Diana knew all about Camilla and Charles' past romance with her all during their engagement and before. It was common knowledge in their social set, and it came as no surprise to Diana.


It's common knowledge Diana was just used.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Charles and Camilla were an item when Diana was still at school. The queen would not give her consent for Charles to marry a commoner. There wasn't much Protestant foreign royalty available, but Charles was required to marry someone from a noble family to produce an heir or two. So Diana got the job of Royal brood mare. In the mean time, Charles married off Camilla to the captain of his polo team - the parentage of the Parker-Bowles children has never been tested, but the Royal family are unusually kind to them. Diana knew exactly what the deal was. She tried to change it afterwards. Times have moved on. Andrew Parker Bowles obliged by divorcing Camilla so Charles could marry her. Prince William married a commoner (who had been his mistress for some years) which means a future monarch will be the grandson of a member of BA cabin crew. Prince Harry married an American divorcee. (His great-uncle had to abdicate to do that). How they are going to square all this with the Monarch being to supreme head of the Church of England is beyond me. Perhaps Princess Charlotte could become Pope.


Charles treated Diana appallingly, right from the start. That's why he is so unpopular, The British people have sussed him out.