Do royals have the same bodily functions as lower humans?

I mean, does Her Majesty the Queen really produce faeces? With an iluustriuos royal pedigree, wouldn’t such unpleasant things as faeces production have been bred out of royalty over the centuries?


Yes they do, contrary to what trolls want to believe they are as human as anyone else and their bodily functions are exactly the same as anyone else.


Don't you think (if you can) all this focusing on the toilet habits of the Queen is a touch juvenile. Odd at best. Do the royals bleed when cut - OF COURSE THEY DO............ along with all other HUMAN bodily functions. E N O U G H - surely!

Clo G.-B.

Yes. Royals are human beings. This type of trolling question is desperate and unoriginal.


no, they have 'people' to do that for them ...........................

Sir Prince Kenny

NO, of course not, with the money they have, they sub contract.


Yes they do, But we are not lower humans, its them that has chosen to live off of the blood ,sweat and tears of "their" people.

Bob Catshit

Obviously not they are not mere mortals. Their bodily functions are vaporised into the atmosphere.