My husband got orders to Japan and we were wondering do you get america channels and could you watch the nfl draft from Japan on tv?

And do they get the same tv channels like in America in Japan and if you live the the towers could you have a burn pit Does sling tv work in Japan


Japanese channels are nothing like that of America. The TV ads are more interesting than the programs. Nearly everything is very low budget and NHK is made for insomniacs who don't respond to strong drugs. There are a few western movies every week with the English subchannel, and some news has simultaneous English translation (with most news you have no interest in). While you could get hundreds of channels in the US, you can only get a handful in Japan, or a few dozen with a satellite receiver. If you're with the military, you'll be able to see some base programs and everything is in English. The "ads" are the most insipid public service announcements you'll ever hear in your life. If you want to try Sling TV then fine, otherwise get a VPN (or a free browser like Epic Privacy Browser, with a free one built in) to see programs from the US without the geoblocking.


you get Armed Forces Network (AFN) , unless you want to watch local programming on a TV that is compatible