What area of Tokyo to stay for a solo female backpacker?

I have 3 days in Tokyo coming up mid February, and I have no idea where to stay. Definitely want a hostel with a friendly atmosphere and conveniently located, but where?


You can find youth hostels in and around Tokyo on this website. http://www.jyh.or.jp/link.php?block=kanto I thought there were English pages. But now not many page in English, hmmm


There are many cheaper places in Taito-ku, especially south of Minami-Senju Stn. For the same money as some hostel, you can get your own room for around 3000 yen per night. I tried it before just for the experience - I had my own room, small and spartan but quiet and clean. It had a fridge and AC. You might try looking at these for example: www.juyoh.co.jp www.kangaroo-hotel.hotels-tokyo-jp.com/en/ www.newkoyo.com There are many others - trying going to Google Maps and look through the area. It could be cheaper booking directly through their website, or maybe going through one of the typical hotel booking engines. Try both and see which works better.