In the Philippines if you report someone for a crime i.e burglary, can they retaliate?

I have heard this a lot in the Philippines, victims of burglary sometimes even rape don't want to report or get the person(s) responsible charged for the crime committed. My auntie is one of them, she and a neighbour got burgled. They now have suspicions on who it may be. But don't want the police to do anything, in case the burglar seeks revenge. They say it's very common in Philippines. Is it really that bad? Why would a burglar want revenge knowing he'll be back in?


The family of the suspects may be dangerous or they don't want to exhaust effort by filing a case and attending to court.


Yes it known for revenge attacks.


A criminal can retaliate in any country of the world - legal or not as he IS A CRIMINAL. I live in the Philippines & have been burgled. I reported to the police who I thought did it (but no proof) the police brought him & me together at the police station but he did not admit anything saying he did not even know where I lived. So in front of the police we explained to him EXACTLY where I lived & if he ever comes in my yard I would kill him. The police said nothing & the criminal did not retaliate or seek any revenge