Is it expensive to go to the phillipines and come back married?

How much do you assume it would cost to stay in the Philippines for a month, find a lover, and bring them to america?


It doesnt sound like you should be marrying anyone to be honest, no one in any sensible state of mind makes a deliberate trip to a country/culture they clearly know nothing about for a mere month with the intentions of finding someone to marry them and to take this person back to your home country all in a month (the States in your case which =No chance))), you clearly understand little about how relationships work, or about the Visa process you would have to go through, which takes considerable time and money.Not to mention the fact that any woman who agrees to marry you in such a short space of time without knowing you (even if you have had some 6 month or 2 year online relationship prior to that is clearly desperate or a gold digger.Relationships take time to build and that time has to be spent together, so unless you can spend extended periods of time or at least say a couple of months at a time in the country over a few visits getting to know someone, getting to know their family, their friends, their life, their culture.....its really pointless.People who embark on such sham relationships as the one you propose only fuel the negative stereotypes that Filipinas and Western guy's in genuine loving relationships have to deal with from society in western countries.


You can't bring them back with you unless they have a visa.


Answering as an American currently living in the Philippines, & married to a local girl in typical Expat fashion for 8 years I can definitely say with some degree of qualification that the Undertaking you mention in your question wouldn't be Cheap, neither would it happen overnight,,, The cost of a round trip ticket between the U.S. & the Phils.. Roughly 5,000.Dollars,,, And, unless you don't mind sleeping with rats & cockroaches & eating garbage, Food & Lodging for a month will probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of about a 100.dollars per day,,, Not to mention what it's gonna cost you to find out whether the local girl you've gone to the Philippines to court is a 'Trans' that looks pretty in a picture, even Legally 'Single' or just a garden variety Gold Digger, since I can assure you that virtually ALL the horror-stories you've read & heard are all True & not in the least exaggerated. Success stories are the "Exception" Not the Rule! Especially when it comes to Rookies that haven't done their Homework! Traveling from the States to the Philippines is as easy as bagging a passport & buying an airline ticket,, But It's not that easy for locals! A 'Fiance Visa' requires proof that you've actually been to the Philippines & in effect become engaged in person, takes as long as 6 months to a Year and isn't always approved the first time,,, However, a 'Spousal Visa' of course requires proof of legitimate Marriage in the Philippines and takes even Longer! And I would also add that only MORONS marry in the Philippines & return to the states without their spouse to wait-out the process! So, if you happen to be sending money to the Philippines to aid in the support of a local girl who's supposedly waiting for you to travel to the Philippines so you can become officially engaged, just so you can continue supporting her after you've returned to the States to wait for her Spousal Visa to get approved, your not just a Moron, you totally Deserve the Phucking your ultimately gonna get for being so stupid! That's not to say that Marrying a Filipina is a dumb thing to do,,but for every way that it works out, there are a Thousand ways that it DOESN'T,, So 'Y/A' isn't exactly the best place go get any really good answers to all the questions you need to be asking before you even start packing for your first trip to the Islands,,, The cost-figures I've shared with you are of course 'Ball-Park' but not entirely unrealistic, depending on specifically witch Island & City you plan to go, but nonetheless I Highly recommend NOT relying on the Local hospitality of anybody you've met online, and just stay as independently free of obligations possible. I also recommend chatting with some Salty-Dog Expat types who have already 'Been there & Done That',, FB has a number of Closed groups you can join and there is also an Open Community in FB called " EXPAT American Philippines " that can answer questions for newbies & rookies ,,,