Is it possible to have a Japanese tea ceremony with herbal tea instead of matcha green tea?



If you mean a traditional tea ceremony, then the answer is no. That's because the equipment and utensils called Dōgu (道具) for making the Matcha tea is part of the ceremony. Plus, Matcha tea is not steeped unlike herbal tea. The Matcha tea is a very fine powder and when you prepare it with the whisk (chasen), it dissolves in the hot water and you drink the entire brew. I'm not sure how you are going to to that with herbal tea. But this is the traditional ritual of tea ceremony. The real purpose of the Tea ceremony goes beyond that - it is in a sense a form of meditation in motion where the choreographed movements are done with natural simplicity, but it is the inner state of being that is all important. That calm and centered state of awareness is what you are cultivating. If you can do that, then you achieved the purpose of the Tea Ceremony and it does not matter what tea you use.


yes whatever you like coffee water soft drink do it have fun live enjoy