What are your Tokyo, Japan Trip Recommendations? Specifically Food, Shopping, and Activities? Thanks?



It's hard to know where to start. For food, there are two classics you need to try- a real sushi bar and a noodle place. The noodle places have big bowls of noodles in a hot broth with slabs of meat or shrimp or something on top. This is very reasonably priced food. Most of the restaurants have plastic replicas of the food in the windows, with the prices, so you can see before you go in. Then the pictures are on the menu, so you can just point. In a pinch, you can take the server outside with you and point to what you want in the window. Another surprisingly good place for light meals or snacks are the gas station convenience stores. They have all kinds of prepared dishes, and the quality is very good.


Well... if you ask me after living in Japan, I would say don't go to Japan at all. Save your money for somewhere cheaper, nicer, less crowded, more moral, and more authentic. Some things tourists like to do though is go to Shibuya at the crossing and just walk around that area on Center Gai. People like to go to Asakusa to see the tourist trap of a temple there; people into anime and video games like to go to Akihabara, passing by all the child prostitutes dressed as maids who people think are just there to pass out advertisements; Kabuki-cho is the red light district in Shinjuku, but a lot of tourists don't seem to know that and have a lot of fun at the robot cafe there or cat cafes nearby. Golden gai in Shinjuku also has small intimate bars (all with cover fees as is common in Japan), and Shinjuku-gyoen is a cheap and nice park in Shinjuku. Yoyogi park in Shibuya is another place people like to go to see more nature and sometimes street performances. Harujuku is near there - there are some odd clothing stores on Takeshita street, but that street is not walkable on a Sunday and maybe Saturday - you will be packed like a sardine down that street, not exaggerating at all whatsoever. If you're fine with walking a lot, I would just walk from Shibuya station to/through Yoyogi park and into Harajuku if you want. If you like clubbing, the best club is Ageha, but make sure they have an event that day or it will just be empty, otherwise go to Roppongi and just walk around on a weekend night until you find a club you think you like. Don't go anywhere they call "happening" - "happening" bars and clubs mean they're often nude and meant for sex. A lot of things that are free in America are not in Japan (cover fees just for sitting at a restaurant, plastic bags, sauce packets, etc). You might find a lot of the food has you running to the bathroom, so be prepared and keep a pack of tissues and soap with you - they do not have them in public restrooms and most japanese people just rinse their hands with water. Take the bus from Narita to Tokyo (or the train if you don't have more than just a roller bag) - sometimes people try to take a cab and don't have the 30,000yen to pay for a cab ride all the way from Narita. People should generally treat you better if they think that you're a tourist, but definitely don't believe Japan is as safe as you read in some sources. Please be careful.