What will Nancy Pelosi be doing while Trump gives his State of the Union address?



Walls work. That is why they've been used for centuries, all over the world, to keep bad guys out. They are only "immoral" if you have bad intentions and want to cross over them. The Vatican has a wall. Israel has a wall. Pelosi's estate has a wall, so I've been told. I advise Pelosi, Schumer, and all Democrats, to remember what Abraham Lincoln once said: "You can fool all the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time."


flying her broom across a moonlit sky.


Same thing she did last year; pouting.

Invisible spiritman

She'll be taking notes.


Sucking on her dentures.


She'll be her usual downer, depressive, and doomsday self.

Smokies Hiker

Since she knows President Trump will be discussing additional barriers along our southern border as one of his topics, she'll be thinking about making the wall around her mansion a bit higher.

Never Polled

Sneering and twerking in some padded room.


She won't be sitting pretty, that's for sure. Probably be sitting.

Rick B


Big One 0909

Perhaps joining RBG for a little Nap?


Sitting in her seat making her normal sour puss face and rolling her crazy eyes every 3 minutes.


Rolling her eyes and play the victim


Making crazy faces and trying to fight off her inner demons. I'm looking forward to The State of the Union.


She will be checking her botox to be sure all is in place unlike her love for america

Dru Zod

What difference does it make She’s already made it known she will do whatever she can to hurt America and our President


It's hard to say but it's clear the last thing she wants is for Trump clearly articulate why there needs to be a wall. She just wants the sheeple to continue to be brainwashed by the fake news, 'Orange man bad, walls don't walk' etc. etc.


Thankful her ben was balls are set to maximum vibration.


Sitting behind him and counting the ways in which she will use his own words against him the next day.


I imagine she would be listening.


Probably eating popcorn and watching it for the shear comedy; that's what I'll do.

Indigo Shojo

She'll probably be politely pretending to enjoy it.


Overseeing congress. She is the Speaker.

Meerkat Uno

Probably watching an laughing.


Laughing her assss off.


Watching with all the rapt attention and respect that Paul Ryan gave President Obama? No, she's not that rude. She will be waiting for Stacey Abrams' Democratic response.


Probably eating popcorn and watching it for the shear comedy; that's what I'll do.


Probably laugh to herself as he sounds like an idiot...


She shouldn't be there. Nobody should. This man deserves no respect. Nobody close to him deserves it either. If you support this man in anyway, you are a racist, a fascist and a poor excuse of a human being just like him.