Why are foreign kpop idols so hated?

I'm aware multiple non-Korean but still Asian idols are really popular. But I'm talking about ones that are from out of Asia, like Europe. The group never seems to become popular if a member isn't at all Asian. Why is this?


It's because once they accept a foreigner as one of their own, it will spread like herpes. Europeans and Americans are notoriously known for copying and initiating things to such an extent that it kills it. Try searching for Mukbang and it will be all caucasians using that term for their video. It takes away from the quality and originality. It turns something special into crap. Just look at "the melting pot". So many people have mixed blood that they're all "muts" and common. You can buy a mut for 1 penny and get 100 of them. Purebreds are worth more and are special Why would Korean want to dilute their music with "orhers"? It would be like diluting 500 year old bourbon with piss.