Any way of getting out of fine for running a red light? NSW... Knowledgeable people....?

I was on my way to work this morning at 5am, I stopped at red light and decided to clean my front window while waiting. While the wind shield wipers were going, I noticed a green light, so I took off. I soon realized the lights were still red and I noticed that cameras had taken a picture of me. The green light had come from another direction. Might I add, I’m a NSW resident who has never had a traffic offense of any kind. I am 53 years of age.


If you tell that story in court, expect them to ADD additional citations. There is NO WAY you will get the red light ticket dismissed.


I don't know anything about NSW ... in the United States a camera ticket is nearly impossible to beat. But dude, it's a traffic ticket, it's not the end of the world.


Sadly I don't think anywhere in the world would let you off driving without due care and attention at the lights.

just me

just pay it think of it as a punishment for all the times you were not caught speeding/parking/sneeking through stop sign ect..ect...ect

Isaac Hunt

You could plead leniency if you had no fines in the last 10 years.