Favorite Australian Stuff: Tim Tam, Marmite Or Vegemite?

Take Your Pick Mate!


Golden Oak, Fruity Lexia, 4lt. Once you fill up a 600ml Gatorade bottle with it it's a very effective means of passing the time while waiting for a Centrelink appointment.

Bob the Heathen Serb

Vegemite, Mint Slice, Weet Bixs, Coco Pops, Thick& Creamy Dairy Farmers Yoghurt(Lemon Cream my favorite) Carlton Draught for House Beer, Coopers Red takeaway beer.


XXXX - Queensland Beer.

Half Drawn Boy

Marmite is British, the Ozzies ripped it off and called it Vegemite.

Man of Honor

I like burgers with eggs and beetroot on them.