Do people born in Australia continue to consider themselves British since you still remain under our royalty and our flag?

Is there a push to have an Australian identity of your own?

just me



No. I'm a 6th-7th Generation Australian. The Australian Flags points to our past. The Queen is Australia's head of state but she has no authority over Australia but she rathers the realms of the Commonwealth deal with their own business.

Dole Bludger

Isaac Hunt has to work for the Old Timers welfare money.


We are not under British royalty, our Head of State is the Queen of Australia. We are not under your flag, we have the Australian flag. It has the Union flag in the corner, so what? The flag of the State of Hawaii in the USA also has the Union flag in its corner. Do you think Hawaii has subservience to the UK? No? And neither does Australia.


(Poster is not British) Poster is pitiful basic grade troll. Will not progress until it develops a more sophisticated approach.

The Honourable Sir Jack

White Anglo Australians do NOT consider themselves British Its only the wogs and the arabs that dont consider themselves to be AUstralian


people born in australia are australians.!!!!!!!!.if they act any different,they are weird ones..............


they ARE British

Isaac Hunt

The Republican Debate clearly showed that Australians have no interest in matters of nationalism. Welfare is the only subject of interest.