Is the employment rate so much higher in the UK because of the difference in job seeker allowance vs newstart allowance?

A single person on job seeker allowance in the UK can only get the equivalent of A$263.5 every two weeks. In Australia, the same person would get A$550.20 Stop giving the layabouts so much money and they will quickly realise that working for a living is the way to go.


Most people WANT to work but cannot find employment or have medical conditions which prevent them from working such as anxiety or depression. It's a few who rort the system, but why would you want to? Being on Newstart is Hell, the hoops you have to jump through. Many give up and live on the streets or move in with family.

Isaac Hunt

Listen to the Old Bludger. Compare how much is spent per annum on Newstart vs Age Pension. Always someone else with him.


Fvck me the British are more retarded than I thought. Even though Australia's per capita GDP is higher than the UK's the participation rate in the UK is 79% while it's only 65% in Australia. As for your question, I know you're a bit slow but try harder to keep up as the talk in Australia is about increasing Newstart to $700 per fortnight. If you look at the opinion polls it's going to happen too given the ALP's going to win in a landslide. Update: Working 60 hour weeks or letting 'Asian' rape gangs violate the most vulnerable in your society. Which is more retarded? Despite the bad press, Victorian police are ruthless and efficient. How do you think they dealt with these mofos in Dandenong and Shepparton? Use your imagination.

old timer

um we have all been saying that for years, and now labor wants to give more money to the unemployed if it wins the next election