Happy New Year, did you celebrate, how might you have done that?


Bill-M: No. went to bed at 10

No. went to bed at 10:PM


I celebrated alone drinking alchol with a gun in my hand


HNY.......i went to bed before midnight ..lol..just another day and i hate how the fire works terrify all the wild life here ..flocks of birds fly off in fright!!

old timer

It's just another day......


I was asleep but I am going out tonight

Bob the Heathen Serb

Cheers. I'm in Canberra at the moment and went to The Dickson Tradies RSL Club last night with a few friends. Just had dinner and drinks and then play the few pokies (didn't win) and back to the motel around 2am. Back home in Sydney tomorrow.


U 2 .i just got naked and walked around the local cemetery

Isaac Hunt

Cursed the bludgers who have sold out the country. May you choke on your Centrelink , Old Bludger. You are what you eat.