Why did Yoshi change their name to Man of Honour?


old timer

who ever he is, he can't spell Honour, unless he's a yank

Bob the Heathen Serb

I didn't know he did that but then again who cares?

Man of Honor

Isaac, I only blocked you because you're an irritating troll. I support your right to speak your mind. I just don't have any interest reading it on my questions. Especially when I'm looking for legitimate answers. I am not Yoshi. Though I wish I was because he's clearly famous here. I use 'honor' because I hang out in International sections of Yahoo more. The audience to my answers is predominantly American. Next.


I thought there was only one Yoshi so who is the other one

Isaac Hunt

Man of Honour has no honour. He is a self centred brat who admitted that he only cares about himself. Starting to sound like Old Coward. Actually both are cowards as they only permit those to reply who they deem worthy. Both therefore are fascists.