My fellow Australians, what retail/online stores sell thick frames for prescription lenses?

I, Yoshi, am currently thinking of "updating" my looks to match others within my age bracket and now currently looking for stores that sell thick-framed glasses but the stores I went to like Specsavers, Vision direct, Eyewear Budget, all have thi8n to medium thick framed glasses. . To celebrate my new job I got back in December, I thought I would splurge some of my savings on some high quality clothing and accessories from brands like Van Heusen, CK, Ray-Ban's/Oakleys ( already own a pair of $269 Oakleys) and Quicksilver. Yoshi has a lot of money in his savings to to burn not including the $5000 I already made in one month from my new job. Also, why is my employment services provider that Centrelink referred me to asking for my payslips when they didn't help me get this job? I was able to get this high paying job with the help of my parents who work there and know some of the people from higher positions with that company. I was on Newstart Allownace (welfare payments) before I got this job and find it insulting why an employment agency, who has never helped me get a job, take credit for me getting a job.


Any Internet site.

Wally's not a Wally.

You should have gone to Spec-savers.


Hey Yoshi! Welcome back. IDK but tell the job agent to fvck off. What are they going to do, breach you? Those people are even more worthless than dole bludgers like me.