How is Brexit affecting Britain’s crown dependencies such as Australia which remains under the reign of our Queen?



Australia does not depend on Britain . If anything the British depend on Australia for a country to migrate to because the UK has been turned into a sh!t hole

Half Drawn Boy

Not much at all apart from that they could benefit from free trade deals.

Dole Bludger

There are people who transport themselves from England to Australia. They are not even convicts. They actually choose this!


Australia is not a Crown dependency. That title belongs only to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The 15 other countries where Elizabeth II is Queen are called the Commonwealth realms. They're all completely independent apart from sharing the Queen, so "dependency" is not the right word for them! So it's the same as any other non-EU country. It doesn't affect them at all, except that they will no longer trade with the UK on EU terms. Each of them and the UK will have to sort out their own trade deal, which can be just what they and the UK want without the rest of the EU having to agree. They can talk to us and not have to talk to Brussels. Of course having to do that with over 100 countries, or at least everywhere the UK does significant trade with, is a big job and that's why Theresa May set up a whole new Department of International Trade under Liam Fox to do it! Australia is in fact one of the first to do this. The Australian High Commissioner in the UK in 2016, Alexander Downer, loves the idea of Brexit and jumped in immediately after the referendum with "hey guys, let's talk trade!" So this has already been done and there's a brand new UK/Australia trade agreement all ready to go on Brexit day.


there are Nop Crown dependencies that will be affected by Brexit only the 14 Overseas British territories like Gibraltar Cyprus will be affected Australia could have More trade with the UK

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As Australia is not a dependency, I have no idea.


Australia is a completely independent nation with no allegiance to or dependence on Britain. Our Head of State is the Queen of Australia who also happens to be the Queen of Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand and a dozen other realms including the UK. Brexit doesn't affect Australia in any way, it is Britain's problem, not ours.

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What affects?

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Australia is a dependency of Centrelink.


If people didn't listen to the MSM fake news they wouldn't even notice what's going on as there is no effect in those places.