How many hours a week do/did you work?

If you listen to the users on here you would think no-one in Australia ever works. The facts paint a very different story, Australia has one of the worst work/life balances out of OECD countries. Only people in South Africa, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Mexico and Turkey work longer hours than Australians. Only 5 OECD countries spend less time enjoying leisure activities. Australians are worked to the bone by the sounds of it.

old timer

Times change, attitudes change, most people my generation and older worked 2 jobs to pay the bills, most women stayed home to look after the children, no credit cards than, if you wanted something you had to pay cash. Hours worked were what ever you could manage. There was plenty of work available.


48 hours a week


55 to 60 I was in the RAAF for 29 years But to make up for that I retired at 55 Paid off my Own Home and now live on a Great superannuation

Human Pin Cushion

37.5 hours that I actually get paid for, The total hours work takes up including getting buses and trains and staying late some days without getting paid I think maybe 60-63 hours per week.


45 hours pw in the health profession. There is very little time for leisure. I work to survive and to support people like Isaac Hunt.


Thanks for reminding me. I usually look for work on Mondays but I forgot this week because it was a public holiday. I'm going to do that now.

Isaac Hunt

Listen again to the Old Bludger. He allegedly worked multiple jobs for over 50 years. Yet he now relies on welfare. Where did it all go ? Up his ahse. BTW , Wage Cheat's workers work many unpaid hours and even more underpaid hours.