Are you pleased that the Australian of the Year Award went to 2 Australian divers who helped rescue the 13 Thais trapped down a cave?

The two Australian divers played a very important role in saving lives so I'm pretty pleased that the two blokes got the award this year. Not knocking the scientists that usually get it, but the two blokes actually risked their lives to save the Thai football team. The two Australians backed up the British rescue divers in a very professional manner.

Aussie Devil

Better than giving that award to some idiot like Tim Flannery . So i hear he has moved back to Sydney

Isaac Hunt

Would you like another example of the complete inhumanity in the country that you like to laud ? A country where rape is the norm and acceptable for men. Where women protest in their millions to the silence of the Western world ? And where child abuse is rampant .


No typically Australian to be fence sitters. Make a choice it's either one or the other

old timer

Yes it's much better than some sportsman/woman getting it, I notice you couldn't help but add that British divers were involved, that's fine and there were Thai divers as well, good to see they can all work as a team with such a great result..

Bob the Heathen Serb

I agree because I thought this Australian of the Year thing is a joke. Thought that Kurt Fearnley will win it hands down.


Congrats, guys.


Yes, but what about the two Australian muff divers who were sodomised by a lady boy after being drugged in a seedy Bangkok go-go bar?