Why is the numbat the faunal emblem of WA; not the quokka?

I love both animals, but just wondering why is the number the emblem when the quokka is far more well known? Even a lot of Australians don’t know what a numbat is. How was this decision made?

The Honourable Sir Jack

because its only on one little island

Isaac Hunt

Old Bludger is the national emblem of Centrelink , the dingbat.

Rona Lachat

WHY? They had a better lobby group of support. https://www.dpc.wa.gov.au/guidelinesandpolicies/symbolsofwa/pages/animalemblemnumbat.aspx


I'm in Britain and I have never heard of a quokka. The numbat I know very well. Are you sure quokkas are better-known?