What is your definition of an 'Aussie Battler'?


old timer

someone who has a family. works hard to make an honest living, gives a hand to anyone who needs it and enjoys the simple things in life.


hard worker that has to battle on to pay bills etc survive


someone who is willing to work for a Living by refusing to go in the Dole and steal from the Taxpayer

Dole Bludger

Somebody like me who only gets $1,000 per fortnight from Centrelink.

Aussie Devil

some one that works and has a Mortgage .

Wally's not a Wally.

Norman Gunston.


Someone who has to report their employment income to Centrelink every fortnight via the internet. They also have to check the box saying they've fulfilled their job plan requirements under threat of legal penalty if they provide false or misleading information.