Happy Australia day, did you rejoice in joyful strains & stuff?



happy Australia day..i had a fun Aussie day

Jedi Jan

No; I actually thought it was on the Monday. My excuse was that I have been run ragged by current family events, so not into any kind of celebrating as it is. In two minds about Australia Day though rreally. While on one hand I would like to show support for the wonderful multicultural country we live in and would not like to live anywhere else. On the other hand I would not like to celebrate the way the indigenous people have been treated by the Euro invaders for the past 250 years.

Half Drawn Boy

Happy Australia Day Mr Regwah. They have Australia Day events in Doha but I went to brunch yesterday and then a hat party so I don't think I will be participating in the festivities this year.


Yes, I believe the 'joyful strain' I consumed was Hindu Kush x Californian Skunk. And yes I've been 'stuffing' that bong all day.


I did not

Daddy Phantom


Isaac Hunt

Everyone celebrated what it meant to be Australian.

Dole Bludger

No of course not. Everybody is greiving for different reasons. It is a day of mourning.