Why are most Aboriginals raising there children to be no-hopers and rely on centerlink not all but alot.?

When a 16 year old Aboriginal can't read or add up? Whos fault is it? At the rate we are going centerlink will be bleed dry and gone in the next 20 years.


A lot of it will be to do with their 'avoidance practices', and also because there is a 'misery industry' that doesn't want to stop getting money to support them.

Isaac Hunt

Welfare breeds losers like Old Bludger.

Dole Bludger

Importing the world is bankrupting Centrelink. So is middle class welfare.


Aboriginals are lazy no hoppers by nature

old timer

Aborigines are nomads and have been for thousands of years, and it will take a lot longer than a couple of century's for them to change, their own education of the land is more important to them than western education, some settle down to a job and one home, others still feel they need to wander, even my mate Neville goes walkabout every so often, he heads for his peoples sacred land in WA, he can be gone for a couple of months at a time.


Not all


Political correctness states that all races are of equal intelligence. The reality is very different.


Regardless of skin colour after several thousand goon boxes Centrelink bureaucrats decide it's easier for everyone to keep you on the dole rather than making you look for work. For example someone being forced to turn up to a job interview while drunk is a waste of everyone's time.

The Real Grim Grady

Because Indians are upset that we destroyed them when we took their land!


I have worked in various areas of education over many years and I can tell you, I had many many white kids and young adults who were worse. Nothing to do with being Aboriginal.


A lot is two words not one. So really you are not that great at reading or writing either.


Please conduct research first to accurately assess the situation in order to find out if they even possess good opportunities and good chances

Half Drawn Boy

If Aboriginals can't read or do basic math then they have been completely failed by the Australian school system. It is compulsory, by law, for all Australians to complete schooling up to the age of 16. The way some white Australians write on this forum leads me to believe that the Australian education system has failed an awful lot of Australians.


“Their” children and several other mistakes! Please don’t generalise as you are being racist; do some study yourself, perhaps you will understand intergenerational grief, disadvantage and ongoing abuse by people like you. Many people struggle, and none deserve to be blamed for situations forced upon them. Look up “equity”.


I think cashier, teacher, police officer, etc... are no-hopers. What is the point of doing all of that everyday...