Since Australia remains a crown dependency under our royalty from Britain, is there a desire among Aussies to become more autonomous...? today’s post-colonial world?

Aussie Devil

Australia does not depend on the British Crown . The Queen and the Royal family are just figure heads that is all . The social pages in the news papers need the Royal family and other so called celebrities so they can have stories to put in their media .


We are not a "crown dependency" and neither are we "under our royalty from Britain". We are a completely independent nation and our Head of State is the Queen of Australia. The fact that she is also the Queen of Canada, New Zealand and Jamaica as well as a dozen other realms including the United Kingdom is completely irrelevant. There is a strong movement towards Australia becoming a republic and it will happen but not while the present Queen lives.

Pinnochio Jones

Australia has been independent since long before the Queen was even born.


I didn't think that Australia was dependant on any other country


Aussies like the british heritage...looks like they have no desire to become independent. They and few others still carry queen on their money and maybe other things of importance too..?