Traveling to Australia?

So in a few months I wanna travel to Australia, but only for a couple weeks. Do I really need a visa for that short of a time? Or do I only need a passport?


You must have a visa before you can travel to Australia unless you're a New Zealand citizen. Which visa you need for a stay of a couple of weeks depends on your passport country. Visa options for visiting Australia


Everyone needs a visa to visit Australia for any length of time except New Zealanders. To find out which is the best visa for you look here

Karen L

We don't know what you need. It may depend on what country you are a citizen of. Why don't you google 'visa australia'? Find a government website and read it.


Sorry, I'm from America.


The only non Australians that can enter Australia without a visa are New Zealanders.


Depends on your citizenship.


Chances are you'll be eligible for a 90 day visa with only a passport. But given I don't where you're from you're going to have to look it up yourself.