Traveling to Perth Australia?

Hello! I am traveling from the UK to Perth Australia once I get there I have a camper van hired and was planning on just winging it but was just looking for suggestions on places to see or things to do while I am there and have so much freedom! Thanks in advance!

old timer

Just make sure you read up on the dangers of heading into the outback if you go off the main roads, if you break down out there it can be days or even weeks without seeing anyone, best stick to the main roads. Western Australia covers an area of two and a half million square kilometres and most of it is desert. I would stick to the coast, there are plenty of beautiful places on the coastline south of Perth right down to Albany, one of my favourite places is Busselton, it has a jetty 1.8 kilometres long, it's about 2 and a half hours drive south from perth.


The South West of Western Australia is really beautiful. You could visit Caves Rd and explore Margaret River and the surrounding wineries. There's a beautiful eatery and gardens on Wildwood Rd (off Caves Rd). The beaches on the south coast are incredible. Rottnest Island is a must. Drive from Perth to Fremantle and catch a ferry across. Rottnest is a favourite holiday destination with fabulous beaches, cafes and restaurants, bus tours, etc. You can't take your hire car there though, so plan a day trip only. Fremantle is a really interesting place. Again with restaurants, cafes, good shopping, historical buildings, cinemas, etc. Get online and look up Tourism WA and have fun exploring.


Just out of interest, if you are going to use a campervan to explore Australia why start in Perth? That's like hiring a campervan in northern Norway to explore Europe. It is 2700km from Perth to Adelaide and that is going to take you four days to drive and then another day to Melbourne. Perth to Darwin will require eight days on the road. Darwin to Cairns is the same as Perth to Adelaide, four days driving. Why not hire the campervan in Melbourne or Sydney and use it to explore eastern Australia then fly to Perth? If you are only going to see Western Australia then there is lots to see in the southwest, then the goldfields area around Kalgoorlie, then the coast road north to Broome and Fitzroy Crossing. There is, of course, a great deal of nothing much to see in between places of interest.