What has happened to the ego of Australians?

I started posting in Travel Australia 3 years ago and asked a few questions which were perhaps a bit unflattering. They were always answered by the Australians with a bit of flair and arrogance, which I love. Now it's all self-deprecation and overbearing humility. It's no fun taking the piss out of Aussies when you put yourselves down. I spend most of my time defending Australia. Go back to being conceited pieces of ****, I don't like the new Australian mindset.

Aussie Devil

A at least Aussies know when you go to the beach doing this is not the go .

old timer

Well I enjoy you and Johnh's continuous jibes at each other, some of the things you have called me in the past were below the belt. I decided after a period of time that you're just a stirrer who sometimes goes too far. Ego can be mistaken for arrogance, pride or stupidity. which one do you think is missing

Isaac Hunt

No self deprecation sadly from Old Bludger and Wage Cheat. Just self gratification. Two tvrds that are never wrong and always angry.

Dole Bludger

Isaac Hunt isn't here right now because he obviously has a job.


A better question is why do you keep posting questions and then deleting them? I've seen two in as many days. It seems your ego has taken a substantial hit too.


Travel Australia is dominated by a few circle jerking, shitstirring, haters. If we laugh at ourself we are arming the knuckle heads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6B9YXhZPrM

Wally's not a Wally.

Oh well, nobody likes you either dildo

Man of Honor

I don't care for egoism based on nationality. In fact I don't care for egoism as a whole. If you're awesome you usually don't need to go around announcing it.


well if you are ya a pommy..ya cant take when we say ya a bunch of whingers