Should Australia Day be changed to the founding date of Centrelink?


Dole Bludger

Yes July 1 start of the financial year. Everybody loves money.



Isaac Hunt

Yes , money grows on the Centrelink tree.


Nope not a good look

Travels Mantra

Should the date of Australia Day be changed from January 26? This one comes from historian and writer Aron Paul, who penned his thoughts for the ABC this week. Paul Argues that January 1 is the most fitting date because it's the day the Commonwealth of Australia came into being in 1901

Bob the Heathen Serb



I think, if and when we become a Republic, it should be THAT DATE that we have our national day as. There's no non-racist reason for the current day. I am in favour of us having a national day, but not one that is... well, think of what it must look like to an Aboriginal person. "I'm celebrating this day because it marks the anniversary of your race and culture being murdered." Imagine how Jewish people would feel if you celebrated the anniversary of Hitler's inauguration? That's how it feels. I'm not going to support January 26th.