Do you think Australian women paint an accurate representation of men?

Australian-born Kim Gehrig who works for London-based advertising firm Somesuch recently produced an advert for Gillette which has sparked outrage online. The advert portrays men as violent, misogynistic, rapist bullies and tells them that they have to improve their behavior. It has quickly become one of the most disliked videos on YouTube with most people saying that it is partonising and offensive towards men. It has sparked a movement to boycott Gillette and Procter & Gamble products. Kim Gehrig is pink hair feminist who ironically was hired by Procter & Gamble through a scheme that tries to promote female directors in the ad industry. Not once in the advert does it show a razor or someone shaving, it just depicts man bashing on the premise that masculinity is toxic and that the default setting for men is to be evil. What are your thoughts?


It's a stupid ad. It attacks men in general. In a perfect world we would all act like women because they are so perfect.

Isaac Hunt

You conveniently ignore the millions of Indian women who recently formed a chain to protest at their appalling treatment at the hands of Indian men.




My thoughts? First, NAWALT. Second, and following on from the 1st point this creature is an alleged child molester. 3rd, it goes to show that toxic feminism is the problem these days, 3rd wave feminism is just plain crazy.


It's confronting, stirs emotion, like all good art, wtf, the times are a changing" Grow a beard like a real man.

The Honourable Sir Jack

You seem to have an underlying distaste for Australians don't you?