Why are people protesting Australia Day in London?

This nonsense is getting out of hand.


How about we just abolish all "days" in general, and I mean ALL days. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... etc. Then nobody need protest anything ever again.

Aussie Devil

left wing morons . Left wing morons protest against any thing good


Bunch of idiots with nothing better to do



old timer

Some moron with nothing better to do by the looks of it. As long as we don't give in to these fools than I don't care how many banners they put up, the whole thing is ridiculous, we see Aborigines celebrating yesterday, we have a Aboriginal young Australian of the year. Then we have these clown, whites amongst them protesting, get over it, how is changing the date going to change the past. The photo I put up is for Isaac Hunts benefit.

Isaac Hunt

It is no longer OK to be white.

Brigalow Bloke

Shambling morons who can go bugger themselves.


Boredom. I believe we need to abolish not just days, but history itself. It’s the only way to live in the dream


London was also conquered and by the romans so what are they doing there??

Dole Bludger

The first fleet left England 12,090 weeks ago today. We were transported to a God forsaken island that still has not improved. That should be protested about. Saturday January 26, 1788 INCARCERATION DAY 😠

The Honourable Sir Jack

Maybe because your ancestors invaded this country


it's invasion day that's why