Do you think it's slightly strange that there is always British SAS around to help but never Australian SAS?

The picture below shows British SAS rescuing people from the Nairobi hotel complex. Where is Australia?


Australian Special forces have been involved in every war that American Special forces have been in. Maybe Australia does not feel the need to brag about the excellent work their forces do like America does. Maybe if America actually showed any real interest in what is happening in the world they would see Australia and many other allied countries are also fighting alongside the Americans.


Whats your problem with Australia every post of yours I've read all you do is slag off Australians?


Australian SASR are the quiet achievers we don't need the Publicity to achieve the SAME and the SAS


Australia didn't colonise Kenya.

old timer

You don't seem to know much about the Regiment as they call it, They are not supposed to be seen, that's why you haven't seen them. Australian SAS are scattered all over the world, they also do a lot of training with the Israeli Sayeret Did you know George W bush asked John Howard if he would send Australian SAS to Iraq for reconnaissance before America attacked, because Bush new they were the best of the best, better than their own Rangers and Navy SEALs they were in and out without anyone's knowledge of them being there. The British Australian and New Zealand SAS are all trained in the same manner. The British SAS rescue attack on the Iranian Embassy was brilliant, unfortunately one hostage was killed, why is it that you still try to put Australia down, you saw a rescuer in civvies with a full beard, that could have easily been an Australian SAS Soldier for all we know, they don't wear uniforms every where they go, what makes you think he's British SAS. now try and say something nice for a change.

Wally's not a Wally.

Everything about the British is strange And the last time I looked Australia was between the Coral Sea and the Indian Ocean

mR JiNgLeS

Australia is somewhat east of Kenya


Unlike Britain, Australia isn't in the business of imperialism and global oppression.

Isaac Hunt

There were no British soldiers brave enough to save Lee Rigby