Why are western/southern European countries very dangerous compared to Nothern European countries, Canada and Australia?

I m a Canadian who has also lived in Australia and New Zealand. I travelled to Europe for the first time in my life and Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden were very clean and safe. But I couldn t believe how dangerous Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Milan and Brussels were. There were too many pickpockets and gypsies in those cities and strange people kept approaching us to steal stuff and the cities were too messy and dirty. it seems like the police dont even care about what was happening there. You never imagine living like that in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But I don t what makes it so different and what causes that in those countries.


Europe has more immigration and more poverty.


because they are closer to Africa and the Middle Eastern countries where all the Muslims come from .


I hope you're trolling. I've been in all the places you mentioned and never had any trouble. It's easy enough to protect yourself from pickpocketers- much easier than protecting yourself against violent crime in the US. But you might want to take into consideration the fact the socialization in those northern European countries, Canada and Australia means that people have a fairly even standard of living, which always means less crime.