Will the far right always be unsuccessful due to general apathy and disorganisation?

At the St Kilda protests only 150 far right turned out, that’s a pathetic turnout. You get larger crowds queuing up at a Bunnings sausage sizzle. If you look at all the far right users on this forum like Isaac Hunt, HSR, Aussie Devil, Armorour, Willy etc they are all really good at spouting rhetoric but they draw the line when putting down their beer, dragging themselves out of the house and actually doing something is concerned. They all seem like decent enough people but you couldn’t rely on them to organise a lemonade stand, let alone a political movement. Someone will bring lemons that aren’t pale enough or too bent and it would descend into chaos. It’s the same with far right politicians. They are hampered by infighting, disorganisation and a lack of long term strategy. They nail spewing rhetoric but fall apart when you question them on policy and real world applications. They always want someone else to change the world but when everyone leaves it to others, nothings ever changes.


There are many racists in Australia but most are just content to vote for Pauline Hanson every few years. The looney fringe who showed up at St Kilda are a small minority. I don't care about African youths, most of it is a media beat up.

Bob the Heathen Serb

The people like Hunt, Armorour and Bolter are just talk the talk idiots. They are a bunch of scare sheep that makes themselves feel better writing a lot of crap on this site. Even Armorour claims that Muslims are pagans which is totally absurd. He's doesn't even know his own religion. Pathetic if you asks me.


I have no idea. Why do people call you bubble boy? @Old Timer....He is obviously not an Ozzie. he knows nothing about Australia.