Can I be pregnant ?

I had sex twice on my second fertile Day but we used a condom and I had sex on 1 day after ovulation(I use a calendar to track my period and it told me when I was suppose to ovulate, I got clear discharge for 2 days and after those 2 days I had sex) but we used a comdom could pregnancy still occur


There is a warning on the package that they are not guaranteed to be 100 percent effective....and so, yes.



Rona Lachat

ANYTIME you have sex it is possible to get pregnant. The egg and sperm DO NOT read calendars. Did you get pregnant this time? Probably not..


Yes. Condoms are not the most effective form of birth control. Birth control pills are. If you are going to continue to have sex on your fertile days, and you don't want to become pregnant, get on the pill.