Im a guy But i want boobs?

Im a fifteen year old guy and i want to have massive breasts like a girl. This thing started When i was around 8 years old But i just started to think about this. I want boobs that i can play with and let others play with too. Im not fat But about averege so there is some fat on My chest so i sometimes pretend to have boobs by wearing a bra or something. A few months ago i decided to go out with a stuffed bra and see What it felt line to have breasts in public. My family wasnt home so i borrowed My moms bra and stuffed it with socks. I wore a low cut shirt and a jacket. I live on the country side so i went to a place i dont go to often and dont have to. There wasnt Much people around so that was good. Every person who walked by were either boys younger than me or middle aged men and They either starred or whisled at me and screamed to show them. I did like the attention and after the second one telling me to show them i took of the jacket and shaked My breasts from side to side. I saw how their bulges got bigger and i loved it. But i do wonder if it is normal to think like this. Also was it a bad thing to walk outside showing My breasts to strangers?


go to the doctor and get a female hormone course remember this , breast cancer in men is rare but not unheard of if you are going to interfere with the natural breast tissues be prepared for breast cancer the same thing that women get a lot of