Does planned parenthood and liberals not push adoption because it does not further the agenda of abortion?

It seems adoption is a win win, but not sure it furthers the left wing nut job agenda

Clown formerly known as R

Opposing enforced pregnancy/maternal slavery is NOT a "nut job" position.

Bob the Builder

Yes, all liberals want is abortion. We teach our children that getting pregnant so you can have an abortion is the only way to live life. We love killing kids but can't do it unless they're still in the womb so...yay, abortion. Where the hell do you get your crap from. Have you ever heard the word idiot? Because that's what you are. What about war and guns? Conservatives love war and war leads to the death of far more than abortion ever has. Also, conservative love guns and what about mass shootings? Conservatives are against any of the things that research has proven would decrease the deaths of people in mass shootings, but instead they want MORE guns and MORE guns. And when someone gets killed by a gun they don't even's just the cost of a gun owning society. Don't even try to talk about abortion killing people if you support gun ownership...which also leads to the death of people...far more people. And do not even try to use the bible to say abortion is wrong if you support war and guns. Turn the other cheek...blessed are the meek. Can't do those things AND support war and guns and those ARE in the bible despite what republicans say. Also, abortion is NOT about killing babies. It's about not allowing the government to tell us what we can do with our bodies. Since when is that the role of government? Republicans love using the government to control the personal lives of individual citizens so that they can further what they believe is what Jesus wants. Then they go out and buy guns and take food out of the mouths of poor people and give huge tax cuts to the rich...all against the bible. The only real issue conservatives have with abortion is that it relates to sex. Conservatives are so hell bent on controlling how other people have sex that it's ridiculous. Why do they care? Are they pissed because they're not getting any, so they have to ruin it for everyone else? They think it's their personal business who's having sex with who and so on. It's not. The entire republican party is nothing but a bunch of old white men who think about sex like someone's old white puritan grandmother from the 18th century. They're so worried about it that from the point of view of an outsider (a sane person) you all look like perverts...worried about sex that much.


Abortion is legal. Deal with it. Republican candidates always say they’re going to make it illegal but they never even try to do anything about it because they know you’ll vote for any moron who tells you what you want to hear.


Are you stupid? Only an idiot would think there’s an agenda of abortion. Please stop being such a fool. Please.


It's karma. One can't do it forever. It ran out now maybe.