Why has Doria been disinvited from Sandringham this Christmas? Is it because of RACE?


Janet S

How do you know she was “disinvited”? Maybe she was just never invited. I’m sure it was not because of race. That seems a rather distant connection for the queen to entertain at Christmas.

Clo G.-B.

No. Gossip press spread an unsubstantiated story, without palace validation. Doria was not invited. Race has nothing to do with this.


Is 'disinvited' even a word! She has, as far as has been reported, never BEEN invited and that would be most unusual since HM is very traditional and only invites her family to be there at Christmas. Usually. She did make a very rare exception last Christmas when Meghan was invited and not yet married to Harry. Catherine's parents/family are never invited to this gathering, so why would Meghan's??


Yes, its the royal families race to the bottom, Who will get there first.??


No, no in laws are invited, the middletons will not there either.


The British Royals are very racist and they bullied HRH Princess Doria so she wouldn't come to the Christmas feast with them.