Is the reign of Their Majesties King Charles & his Queen Camilla expected to breed patriotic fervour & usher in invigorating hope & renewal?



I honestly believe the abcde brigade are the best answers to questions like this!! Legit - no more than the Trump era.

Heart Felt

No, it will have little influence.

Clo G.-B.

It's expected to be a reign that prepares the way for William

Helen Heels

Yes. Not unlike Paris in the late eighteenth century. Trump is considering gifting The Statue of Liberty to the British if he's still in office then.

Janet S

My Coca-Cola just came out of my nose.


They will usher in a malaise when people realise that gruesome twosome are king and queen. Can’t think of anything more depressing.

Wally's not a Wally.

I couldn't think of anything worse. The tampon king and Mrs Horseface sitting on the throne.