British girls are thinner and better looking than French Canadin girls (and Canadian girls in general). Agree?

I live in Montreal, go to Quebec City, and the girls here are SOOOO ugly. They are fat, short, heavy, masculine and reek of bo and alcohol. Not to mention many of them are negresses and Pakis (yuck!). Girls from elsewhere in Canada are no better. I went on a trip to Engerland (London) and the women there were HOT! They were skinny, feminine, well dressed, polite, didn't stink, and none of them were non white. I got laid 6 times over there too, I never got good luck here in mediocre Canada, at least in Quebec. If any Canadians want to deny it, when was the last time you saw a skinny attractive ACTUAL Canadian female on the streets of Canada? Engerland is where the most beautiful women come from!


only in your very small mind

Jay P

The I-love-Canada-but-don't-want-to-admit-it anonymous Yahoo troll is at it again. "I got laid 6 times over there too". Wishful thinking Anonymous Yahoo troll, wishful thinking...


sounds like canada is the place to go