Do people born in Canada continue to consider themselves British since, for example, our royalty remains over Canada?

Is there a push for a Canadian identity of its own?


wrong. The Canadian identity is multicultural, not british based. It never was since the French and Indigenous people were there before the english.


Not at all. While we do have same person as Queen as the Brits do, the "Queen of Canada" job is completely different, and legally distinct from her "Queen of the UK" one. So, the British Queen has no say in Canada whatsoever; the Canadian Queen does. Big difference! We do notice bits of our British roots when we talk to Americans, but, even that is changing, albeit slowly.


I see the monarchy troll(s) is/are at it again since anyone with any degree of intelligence knows that Canadians are Canadian and consider themselves such. They also understand that the Queen holds multiple citizenships and is, in fact, a Canadian Citizen although she works through her representatives at the federal and provincial levels 99.9999% of the time. Canada has had it's own identity since the early 1900's and, in some cases, earlier than that.


Canadians are Canadian, Britons are British. The Queen's role is almost exclusively ceremonial. In short, the Queen has some power, but she cannot ever use it until asked to do so by the Canadian government.


No because the Queen is head of state, she doesn't reign or rule over Canada. Even though my father was born in London (UK) and my mother was born here, I was born here and I call my self Canadian. Canada has it's identity of being a multi cultural melting pot.


We are Canadian.