I’m 15 and getting paid $9.50 at work.. isn’t the student wage $13.50 in Canada,Ontario?

Sorry .. I’m asking this question again because I didn’t know about the details button 😅.. I live in Canada,Ontario, Waterloo and was surprised to see I’m getting paid $9.50/hr when I thought I would be getting the minimum student wage which is $13.50 if I’m not mistaken .. please leave an answer or a question if you want more detail and I’ll get back to you ASAP . thanks

Jay P

A part time minor minimum wage is $13.15/hour


It depends on the job. E.g., food services workers have a lower minimum wage.


Feel free to provide a two week notice of separation and include the student wage failure as the primary reason. If a legitimate adjustment is not made walk away wiser.


$15.00 an hour but as you are not 16 you are not even suppose to be working legally. Be happy. :)