Is Canada a frigid wasteland this time of year. Should we visit Toronto and surrounding areas in February from the UK?

Do we need passport for entry since Canada has always been and loyally remains Cown land under our monarch (British Commonwealth)


Frozen wasteland all the time, don't come ever.


I see that the anonymous monarchy troll(s) is/are at it again.


Yes, you need a passport. In fact, they'll ask you to show it at whatever airport you plan to fly out of. No, Canada isn't a "frozen wasteland" in February, especially where you're going . In fact, Toronto is SOUTH of many major American cities that are also not "frozen wastelands". However, that being said (you must be extravagantly rich if you can buy an airplane ticket to another continent with less than 30 days till your departure), it's also not bathing-suit weather. Pack along heavy coats, just in case.


The Queen is head of state, she doesn't 'rule' Canada. The Canadian government does that. Yes you will need a pass port, even though it's part of the commonwealth countries you will need a pass port any where out side of Britain that you intend to fly in an air plane to. Yes Canada is usually cold around this time of year. Unless you like cold weather and snow, you shouldn't visit until the end of March or April when the weather typically starts to warm up. If you're coming now, then bundle up with sweaters, scarves, hats and warm coats, it can get very cold at this time of year. Toronto just got 26 cm of snow over the past 2 days and it feels like -16 C with the wind chill. Schools in many areas were closed today. (Jan 29th, 2019). Weather like this can also create lots of delays with travel and fights.


Canada is NOT under the British monarch! We are under the CANADIAN monarch! Yes, they are the same person, but, she has more than one job, each running under different laws. So, you absolutely will need a passport Not all of Canada is a frigid wasteland at this time of year. Palm trees grow in parts of Canada, and they do not do well with freezing temperatures, or snow. Toronto is pretty modified by lake Ontario, so, doesn't really get all that cold. -20C on a really cold day, but, usually much warmer. Toronto is at about the same latitude as Monaco, so, pretty far south. I have visited Toronto before, and, did not think much of it compared to other areas in Canada. Niagara Falls is interesting, and the area is pretty, and Ottawa is well worth a visit any time of the year. Ottawa is a 4-5 hour drive from Toronto though. Canada is a BIG place! Don't let the dots on the map fool you! They are much further apart than places in the UK, or Europe.

Rona Lachat

Visit if you want. Trolling not as easy on the cold lake.There is a PATH you can take to many warm things to keep you occupied. Dress appropriately for the weather. Temperature in February is about 10 degrees less than London.Uk The heating systems are much better in Toronto. You can warm up when you get inside.


Yes, of course you need a passport. You won't get on a plane without it. Ever tried Winter Sports? Canada is a whole different place in Winter. The trouble is that we often have a February thaw. Things could be dripping.


You do need a passport to enter, even if you're from the Commonwealth. It's pretty cold at this time of year, so you'd better be prepared for temperatures that can go as low as -35 sometimes.


Toronto is 90 miles north of me. The temps should be around freezing when you visit. Make sure to see the Eton Center and the suburb Entobicoke. Just do not expect to see a hockey game. The Leafs are sold out.